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Mercedes Benz G63

Mercedes Benz G63


    PerformanceThe G63's 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 makes a ton of power, unfortunately, it's very hard to actually drive this thing. Steering is comically bad, handling is worse and, thanks to summer tires and silly exhaust placement, it's a liability off road. 



    The 563-hp G63 gets out of its own way better than anything this shape should (0-60 takes 5.3 seconds). Quick shifts from the seven-speed automatic, but the steering gets light and the G becomes hard to control at wide-open-throttle. What a noise, though!


    Tons of nosedive and a strong pull left, but a pretty good stopping distance of only 120 feet from 60 mph. The brakes are very touchy, which makes for lurchy stop-and-go driving and isn't great for off-road either.


    The steering constantly reminds you that this is a 30-year-old military truck with working roots. Steering is terribly vague with seemingly random results. It also fails to center, causing constant, abnormal extra steering inputs.


    Thanks to seriously aggressive stability control that you'll encounter every day, the G63 is almost foolproof. It's also slow, ponderous, top-heavy and every body motion is grossly exaggerated. 


    Twitchy brakes, tractor steering, tons of power and a mile of body roll make for an exciting, but not necessarily good, driving experience. 


    What should be a strong point for the G-Class isn't here. Summer performance tires, touchy brakes, exposed catalytic converters and side-mounted exhaust in the crush zone add up to a vehicle that's more suited for the country club than the Rubicon.
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